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Stock Brokerage

Our Securities Trading allows clients to deal Equities, Bonds and Derivatives on the Stock Exchange. Our team of experienced brokers provides personalized service and works closely with the clients to understand their investment goals and objectives.

We offer a range of trading options to suit our clients’ needs, including direct access trading and high frequency trading. Our Technology platforms are state-of-the-art, giving clients real-time market data, research and analysis to equip them make informed trading decisions.

Equities Trading

Our Equities traders are dedicated to delivering optimal solutions for your trading activities. When executing trades, our team carefully considers various factors such as price, costs, speed, size, and market impact to ensure efficient execution.

In addition to executing trades, we provide our clients with immediate market insights, enabling them to make timely and well-informed decisions based on the current market conditions.

Furthermore, our team diligently tracks market statistics across multiple sub-Saharan markets. This data is compiled into our informative daily trading reports, as well as monthly and quarterly reports, providing valuable insights to our clients.

Fixed Income Trading

PIB is a prominent player in fixed income trading, offering a wide range of financial solutions and investment opportunities. Our expertise lies in handling various fixed income securities, including;

With a client-centric approach, we provide personalized services tailored to individual needs, backed by unrivaled market insights and robust risk management strategies. Moreover, our investors have the opportunity to participate in primary auctions and benefit from customized Fixed Income Research, granting them access to specialized market insights and analysis.

Over The Counter (OTC) Trading

Our core service revolves around facilitating the trading of shares of unlisted companies. Referred to as the share valuation service, it enables the exchange of unquoted shares and can also be utilized by lending institutions to support credit extension.


A derivative is a financial instrument that derives its value from one or more underlying assets or rates. While the underlying asset is typically a financial instrument, it can also be something else. The derivative acts as a contract between two parties, and its value is influenced by changes in the value of the underlying asset.

Our team is on hand to walk with you at every step.


A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a regulated investment vehicle that allows individuals to invest in a trust divided into units, with the goal of earning profits or income from real estate. Investors contribute funds in exchange for rights or interests in the trust.

There are three primary types of REITs:

  • Development Real Estate Investment Trusts (D-REITs): D-REITs involve pooling capital from investors to acquire real estate specifically for development and construction projects, along with associated activities.
  • Income Real Estate Investment Trusts (I-REITs): I-REITs involve pooling capital from investors to acquire long-term income-generating real estate assets, such as residential, commercial, and other types of properties.
  • Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts: Islamic REITs are unique in that they exclusively engage in activities that comply with Shari’ah (Islamic law) principles. Before investing in this type of REIT, a fund manager conducts a compliance test to ensure it aligns with Shari’ah guidelines.

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